Building the Next-Generation Contingent Workforce Management Program
Building the Next-Generation Contingent Workforce Management Program

When: Recorded on June 2, 2015.


Nearly a third of today's total workforce is comprised of contingent and non-employee labor, with this figure expected to rise significantly in the years ahead. Whether the responsibility for managing today's non-employee workforce falls to procurement, finance or HR, the hard truth is that every contingent workforce management (CWM) program needs to be built and developed with the future in mind to effectively drive long-term value from non-traditional talent.

Join two of the premiere experts in the field of procurement, Christopher Dwyer of Ardent Partners and Michael Werblun of ZeroChaos, to learn how companies should build and enhance their CWM programs to reflect today’s "perfect storm" of non-employee talent.

ZeroChaos invites you to attend this recorded webinar where you'll learn:

  • The immediate "fixes" for improving management of contingent labor
  • The role of technology and services in supporting CWM programs
  • How to effectively manage both the short-term (traditional/staffing, simple temporary labor) and long-term (SOW, freelancers, etc.) shifts in the CWM market
  • The Best-in-Class “strategies for success” that will help companies build the next-generation CWM program
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