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The convergence of talent and technology is real, and the businesses that embrace the seemingly-radical new ways of thinking will not only survive in this new world of work, but thrive in the Future of Work. Read this independent research report by Ardent Partners to learn more.
Amid sweeping changes brought on by economic, demographic and technology shifts, the evolution of the healthcare industry is transforming its talent landscape as well. This ZeroChaos perspective examines key trends impacting the provider workforce. It explores challenges and opportunities facing talent leaders and offers strategies for optimizing healthcare provider workforce management.
The workplace and the workers who populate them are constantly evolving, requiring new approaches to effectively manage an increasingly diverse and complex workforce. Learn critical insights into how you can get ready to meet the future.
According to industry research and advisory firm Ardent Partners, contingent workers now represent more than one-third of the global workforce, yet less than half are actively accounted for in corporate planning, budgeting and forecasting. Learn how to close this intelligence gap.
Contingent workforce management solutions are evolving rapidly. Learn how to take advantage of new value drivers linked to next-generation solutions.
Learn strategic recommendations and approaches to improve your overall contingent workforce management operations and results.
Learn the greatest challenges in managing today's services supply chains and the level of rigor needed to effectively manage external services spending.