Special Report
The Future of MSP and Next-Generation Workforce Management
The Future of MSP and Next-Generation Workforce Management


As the Managed Service Provider (MSP) market continues its rapid growth, it is evolving from its origins as a narrowly focused contingent staffing supply chain solution to address a broader set of enterprise issues. Driven by increasing labor market complexity and influenced by adjacent and related solutions, such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Indirect Procurement Outsourcing (PO), new MSP models are emerging. These next-generation workforce management solutions position the MSP as an "outsourcing partner" to organizations facing new challenges.

To learn how new buyer expectations are reshaping both the MSP solution set and its associated value proposition, ZeroChaos invites you to download this special report from Everest Group. It addresses four key game-changers in the new MSP model:

  • Full Statement of Work (SOW) lifecycle management
  • Alternate sourcing solutions
  • Total talent management
  • Advanced engagement models


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