Support Services Manager

Support Services Manager (SSM) is a thread based application which has some unique features. It performs data transformation tasks to meet your business requirements. SSM works on scheduled configurations like for execution, configuration details of FTP and database and some myriad configuration items related to processes. It can perform FTP, SFTP, Web Services correspondences.

It can be used to deliver Reports, Financial Feeds and other feeds of interest. Report and financial Feeds are one kind of custom report in format of Excel File, Pdf File, .CSV or Txt. which can be consider as alternate format. HR Feeds has core functionality to interact with FTP and database and generate the report or based on the FTP file it updates the bulk records to the database / export the records and put the file to FTP or as per your requirement.

Automated and fully configurable Process are unique feature of this tool SSM which reduces lot of manual efforts.  

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