Crowdsourcing a project can save significant cost, while providing a success rate typically higher than your internal teams could deliver. ZeroChaos can help you develop the talent pool for your crowdsourcing program using job posting sites, social networks, and other talent networks.

Use our global reach

With our broad reach, ZeroChaos is able to locate resources in low-cost countries where we on-board them into the crowdsourcing program, perform background checks, validate independent contractor status, provide any needed training on the program, and pay on solution delivery. You receive one consolidated invoice of all work completed, reducing administrative overhead costs.

Reporting keeps you in the loop

Project resources are ranked based on solution quality and on-time delivery, allowing you to select people who are most successful in terms of performance. ZeroChaos provides reporting showing which resources are actively bidding on and winning projects. If a resource hasn’t completed a project or performed successfully on a project within customer-designed program parameters, first they’re warned – then eventually removed from the program.

Low overhead – high return

Shifting from a time-based compensation model to a deliverable-based model leveraging lower-cost resources saves significant cost and reduces overall project risk. Overhead may also be reduced as resources use their own computers and software to complete the projects.

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