Private-Label Sourcing

Powered by ZeroChaos – presented by you. Our private-label solutions let you take ownership of your own talent by engaging retirees, former employees, referrals – even past interns or contractors – to minimize competition for full-time and contingent talent. Strategies like these can reduce your workforce acquisition costs by up to 40% and create an ongoing program of cost reductions.


Searchable, trackable, private database

All talent information is loaded into a dedicated private database accessible only to your organization. Your talent resources are invited to profile themselves for consideration as a contingent worker – and our proprietary application tracks required separation times and adds them to the active pool when they’re eligible for re-engagement.

This process provides critical workforce planning information because it catalogues the skills exiting your enterprise in real-time. The private-labeled database is searchable whenever a requisition need is identified for a contingent worker, letting you provide visibility to hiring managers of resources available within your talent network, reducing time-to-fill and time-to-contribution metrics since many of these resources are already familiar with your work environment.

Private-Label benefits at a glance

  • More efficient process for capturing in-network talent for temp or project-based work
  • A private-label talent pool that’s already familiar with your culture, potentially reducing turnover
  • Pre-screened talent that’s matched based on prior applied experience in your environment, creating better job matches and requiring only
    quick checks for availability – reducing cycle time to hire
  • Talent already trained to the specifications of your projects resulting in productivity from day one
  • The ability to recapture intellectual capital from departing talent and their known skills and expertiseAn opportunity to save 15-30% off market rates vs. staffing company mark-ups
  • Pay-for-performance models and no start-up costs
  • Mitigation of independent contractor risk and other financial and employment risks associated with the engagement of contingent workers

ZeroChaos becomes Employer of Record

We take on the administrative burden and liability associated with employing candidates on a temporary basis. All workers are covered under our insurance including workers’ compensation, as well as general and professional liability. Plus, ZeroChaos conducts the search process and mining methodology for the talent pool on your behalf.

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