Alternative Sourcing Solutions

Because ZeroChaos doesn’t actually provide contingent workers, we’re able to offer a suite of Alternative Sourcing Solutions other MSP providers wouldn’t be willing to offer.

Your sourcing suppliers are good at finding talent you don’t know about, and engaging them in the traditional way. But what about talent you already know? Or talent you may want to engage differently… or directly?

That’s where ZeroChaos Alternative Sourcing Solutions come in. For contingent talent you already know, our private-label sourcing allows you to leverage those relationships. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing helps develop a total talent acquisition strategy for your direct hires. Crowdsourcing allows you to engage talent for smaller projects on a deliverable basis. Each of these services can reduce hiring cycle times and provide high-quality talent at significantly reduced cost.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Private-Label Sourcing
Crowd Sourcing

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