Employment Screening Solutions

Getting it Right

Making the right hiring decisions is critical to your business success. But getting it right isn’t easy. Making the wrong hire can sink morale, hinder productivity – and expose your company to workplace and financial risks. A comprehensive background screening program will help you make informed hiring decisions. Whether it’s a concealed criminal past or fraudulent education record, ZeroChaos will find the information that makes the difference between a good hire and problem employee.

Automated, Integrated, and Celebrated

ZeroChaos Employment Screening Solutions provides our customers a consistent platform which is optimized to administer screening for both your direct hire and contingent workforce. We have developed web applications which interface with a diverse number HRIS and candidate tracking systems to enhance front end and back end interfaces. 

To streamline processes for our contingent labor programs, we have integrated screening tools into our VMS platform, ZC Web. Screening solutions are also available to your staffing supplier base as well, reducing the overall cost of engaging contingent workers - a direct benefit to both you and your staffing suppliers. 

ZeroChaos Screening Solutions Include:


Compliance and Business IntelligenceESSD

We comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by ensuring proper use of consumer records. ZeroChaos provides our clients with applicable release forms and adverse action tools to support their related compliance activities. What’s more, we add value to the relationship by proactively alerting clients as to changes in the landscape of legislation and compliance. Our ongoing webinars, white papers and compliance feeds enable our clients to stay a step ahead of these changes while administering their employment programs.

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