Independent Contractor Compliance

The Advantages of Being In-The-Know

Do you know the difference between an employee and an independent contractor?

Will your worker classifications stand up to a state or federal audit? Careful – engaging service providers incorrectly can result in hefty financial penalties, benefits litigation and negative publicity.

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

If the IRS determines a worker is an employee, you’re responsible for back taxes, interest, penalties, and unpaid worker benefits. The average cost of just one reclassification is $80,000. That’s over $2 million for just 25 reclassified workers. Ouch.


Be Safe. Be Smart.

With ZeroChaos Independent Contractor Compliance, you can safely navigate through the complex and ever-changing state and federal worker classification rules and regulations. Our experts work with you to create a risk management program tailored to your organization – from collecting and storing worker documentation in our secure and searchable cloud-based application to defining compliance protocols to ensure your workers are classified correctly.

Unlike other firms who rely solely on an automated questionnaire to determine classification our process is truly unique and includes an online assessment, collection, validation and electronic storage of all documentation and a dual compliance expert review by two of our compliance specialists prior to issuing a recommendation

Our process was developed in partnership with one of the leading global employment law firms and is regularly updated and audited to ensure compliance with regulatory changes


With over 20 years of experience evaluating and classifying workers, ZeroChaos offers indemnification to its clients if a ZeroChaos recommendation is ever overturned during an audit – a highly unlikely scenario, indeed, as ZeroChaos has never had an evaluation overturned. Never.

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