Employer of Record Services

Professional Payrolling

Engaging contingent labor is essential for your success but it can have a significant impact in terms of time, expense and potential litigation. For your contingent workforce, it’s in your best interest to use Professional Payrolling services to act as the Employer of Record.

ZeroChaos Payrolling Benefits:

  • Reduces risk exposure to your organization (co-employment liabilities, worker misclassification)
  • Provides cost savings advantages
  • Leverages talent within your own network
  • Can reduce cycle time to hire for known resources through our automated online enrollment and automated employment screening
  • Talent search functionality lets you search and redeploy “repeat performers” across your enterprise to improve productivity

Cost Savings, and Beyond

ZeroChaos employer of record can deliver immediate savings between $10,000-$15,000 per contractor – that’s $1 million annually for over 100 payrollees! By choosing ZeroChaos, your organization can save up to 40% – true story. And the ZeroChaos advantages go beyond cost savings.

By leveraging our proprietary Web-based solution and integrated back-office procedures, we can significantly reduce your administrative burden and free up valuable resources – from taxes to time & expenses to consolidated billing. Plus, with our proven track record, you can feel confident you’re always compliant, with industry best practices firmly in place.

Now More Than Ever

With ever-evolving legislation and the potential for costly fines and litigation, the need for professional payrolling has never been stronger. Only ZeroChaos has the experience and expertise to ensure your business is not only compliant but also at its most efficient and cost-effective. Best of all, since we’re acting as Employer of Record, you’re free to focus on more strategic aspects of your business.

Yes to Compliance. No to Risk.

As the Employer of Record, we not only take on the responsibility of unemployment insurance and all costs associated with issuing checks, we also ensure compliance with constantly changing regulations. With the ever increasing enforcement efforts of the IRS and Labor Board, compliance can be a real challenge. We are experts in compliance and using our Employer of Record services shifts the risk from our customers to ZeroChaos.

With ZeroChaos, you couldn’t be more protected. From handling all your workers’ compensation claims, off-boarding employees and performing background checks to keeping up-to-date on the latest legislation to assessing and managing your independent contractors, we’ve got you completely covered.

Total Transparency

No games. No agendas. No loyalties or connections to any staffing companies. Our 100% Open Book Accounting shows you the exact cost of services including wages, taxes, insurance and profit. Seeing is believing. And with a solution that captures costs in real-time and provides consolidated billing, you can breakdown your contingent labor spend to spot inefficiencies and realize substantial savings.

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