Substance Abuse Services

Substance Abuse Screening

Test for the presence of illicit drug use with urine, oral fluid or hair testing. ZeroChaos provides scalable options including and array multi-panel lab-based tests to fit an employer’s needs. We partner with federally certified laboratories that meet the DOT standards. Results will be supported by a MROCC certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) who reviews non-negative test results and investigates for possible medical explanations and legitimate use of prescribed drugs to determine a final test result.

  • Nationwide Service Model
  • Certified Medical Review (MRO)
  • Over 8000 “In-Network” Locations, with “Out-of-Network” Options Available
  • DOT Urinalysis
  • NDOT screening by urinalysis, oral fluid or hair follicle
  • Pre-employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion and Post Accident Support
  • Onsite Screening Support in Select Markets
  • Client-administered screening products, including our ZeroChaos Cup™ – Multi-Panel Drug Screening Devices

Electronic Custody and Control Form (eCCF)

ZeroChaos offers an extensive network of collection sites that use eCCF technology for non-DOT regulated drug screening. Using our eCCF passport technology during the drug screening process increases efficiency, helps to ensure information is sent to the correct collection site location, and allows drug testing program managers to track drug tests through the entire process.

Rapid Drug Screening

ZeroChaos offers a scalable national solution for rapid results drug screening. Many of our in-network clinics are installed with a sophisticated appliance that uses an under-seal specimen cup & digital technology to scan the smart cup, providing an automated, objective, confidential testing process. This leading edge technology electronically captures the drug test results without the subjectivity of a clinician interpretation. Within about 15 minutes, the appliance automatically reports a negative urine drug screen back to you via our online interface. Any non-negative specimens are expedited to our centralized lab for confirmation and applicable MRO. Some limitations apply. Consult your Account Representative for details.

Alcohol Screening

Test for the presence of alcohol use. This screening is typically engaged in post-accident, reasonable suspicion circumstances or to comply with DOT random testing requirements. ZeroChaos offers several alcohol test methods such as breath and oral fluid tests.

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