Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Toward our goal of Corporate and Social Responsibility, it is our commitment to continuously contribute to the communities in which we operate and serve by supporting their local businesses. As a global leader in our field, ZeroChaos’ Social Responsibility Initiative (SRI) emphasizes the importance of corporate and personal responsibility in these communities.


ZeroChaos’ SRI has enabled us to partner with over 8,000 suppliers worldwide, 5,000 of which are in the United States with 30 percent of our total spend going to diverse suppliers of all ethnic backgrounds as well as Historically Underutilized Businesses. ZeroChaos has one of the most reputable diversity programs in our industry, which affirms and dictates that diverse suppliers have the maximum opportunities to participate in providing services to ZeroChaos.

By including qualified diverse suppliers, ZeroChaos continues to sharpen our competitive edge and provide innovative solutions as well as expanding on our social responsibility commitment. We will continue to recognize the economic importance of utilizing diverse suppliers by including diversity in everything we do. The Florida Minority Supplier Development Council elected ZeroChaos as Supplier of the Year for three consecutive years. In addition, ZeroChaos was on Black Enterprise top 25 List of African American-Owned Companies for two years in a row.

We act as a strong advocate for our customers in the supplier diversity community. We take a proactive role in representing the successful supplier diversity programs in which our customers participate with regard to the procurement of contingent labor. Our business model provides for the development of comprehensive outreach programs. Aspects of these efforts include:

  • Participation at suppler diversity networking activities
  • Sponsorship of programs where suppliers are invited to learn how to provide contingent labor services to our customers
  • Publication of our customers’ successful supplier diversity results in various media outlets
  • Facilitation of training to successful diversity suppliers in the program
  • Representation at diversity outreach functions
  • Establishing a mentoring program for diversity suppliers that wish to supply contingent labor to our customers

We have worked with numerous companies to develop and integrate supplier diversity programs into successful contingent labor solutions by including suppliers based in their respective communities. When developing the supplier diversity program for our customers, we focus on their expectations as a whole; we work to realize their goals on a community, corporate, division, department and individual basis. We develop the necessary reporting in order to ensure continued progress toward those goals. In addition, ZeroChaos implements and manages an aggressive Diversity Supplier Outreach Program toward our own internal 25% goal, thus reducing our customers’ administrative time in bolstering diversity supplier participation, while still encouraging and placing at the forefront of our organization our social responsibility commitment.

Realizing that ZeroChaos is also part of a larger community, we give back to the community by volunteering and donating resources time to community events. The value of the charitable contribution varies by year but our goal is to minimally average $30,000. Some of the organizations that we contribute to or donate time and resources to are: Boy Scouts of America, Diabetes Foundation and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, The American Cancer Society, The Ronald McDonald House, The National Minority Supplier Diversity Counsel and the Second Harvest Food Bank to name some. Additionally we have a matching donation program for our employees who are provide money to charity organizations.


  • We budget annually for these donations and contributions and are able to report on our progress against the goals obtained once a year.
  • Internal senior review is held once a year.
  • Management reviews will be conducted quarterly in the form of a leadership forum.
Environmental Principles

Realizing that the world's natural resources are limited and fragile, ZeroChaos considers environmental protection to be consistent with our overall goals and values and an important consideration in our total activities. This commitment to environmental protection is reflected in our policies, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally, as well as, economically responsible manner.

Furthermore, ZeroChaos recognizes that effective environmental management can positively impact corporate profitability in several important ways. First, programs designed to make efficient use of natural resources often minimize operating costs. Second, environmental quality programs help sustain and enhance ZeroChaos’ presence and reputation in domestic and international markets. Third, compliance programs minimize risk and potential legal liability. In these ways and more, environmental protection is viewed by ZeroChaos as important to the economic well-being of the Corporation.

In light of the above principles, the following corporate environmental policy has been established.

Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental protection is a management responsibility as well as the responsibility of every employee of ZeroChaos. This policy concerning environmental protection addresses aspects of ZeroChaos’ operations which can potentially impact the environment.

ZeroChaos shall seek to:

  • Conduct our operations in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards concerning environmental protection and provide a mechanism for self-monitoring to ensure compliance and continual improvement.
  • Establish corporate environmental objectives and targets relevant to the environmental impacts of our activities and a means to measure progress against these objectives. These objectives and targets shall be reviewed and revised as necessary on an annual basis.
  • Continually improve environmental management policies, programs, and performance, based on the results of our periodic reviews and taking into account regulatory developments, customer needs, technical developments, scientific understanding, and community expectations.
  • Minimize the environmental risks to our employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • Promote employee awareness of environmental concerns, actions and responsibilities.
  • Promote the adoption of environmental protection goals and practices by contractors and suppliers acting on behalf of ZeroChaos, strongly encouraging improvements in our contractors' and suppliers' practices to make them consistent with those of the Corporation.
  • Conduct ZeroChaos’ activities taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and materials.
  • Reduce and, where possible, eliminate waste through recycling, and handle and dispose of all waste through safe and responsible methods.
  • Assess the environmental condition of property interests that are acquired by ZeroChaos and appropriately address the environmental impacts caused by these properties.
  • Ensure that the ZeroChaos executive staff is fully informed about pertinent environmental issues and ZeroChaos’ Environmental Policy.

Workforce Wellness

Our employees are vital to the success of our organization. Therefore, ZeroChaos is committed to making our workforce environment safe, supportive and exceed or adhere to the basic principles of ethical business practices and human rights. A few of the initiatives are listed below.

  • Human Rights Policy
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Wellness Programs and Education
  • Flu Shot Clinics
  • Wellness Discount Initiatives


This policy relates to all ZeroChaos employees, contractors and suppliers.


The ZeroChaos Corporate office is located in a Green-Certified (ENERGY STAR) facility in downtown Orlando, FL. The following description demonstrates the ZeroChaos commitment to environmental awareness in all facets of our operations including property location management.

The ENERGY STAR is the national symbol for energy efficiency in America. Commercial and industrial facilities account for half of all energy consumption in the U.S. at a cost of over $200 billion per year, more than any other sector of the economy. These facilities are also responsible for nearly half of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. Since the ENERGY STAR for commercial buildings was first introduced in 1999, thousands of buildings across the country have earned the ENERGY STAR and are saving billions in energy costs. The energy performance of commercial and industrial facilities is scored on a 1-100 scale and those facilities that achieve a score of 75 or higher are eligible for the ENERGY STAR, indicating that they are among the top 25% of facilities in the country for energy performance Commercial buildings that have earned the ENERGY STAR use on average 35% less energy than typical similar buildings and generate one-third less carbon dioxide. Increasing concern about the financial and environmental risks associated with climate change is driving more organizations to strive for the ENERGY STAR for their buildings, as it is seen as a symbol of an organization that is working to reduce global warming and its impacts.
Procedures and Objectives


Commitment to paperless consumption

ZeroChaos lead our industry by being one of the first companies to go completely paperless in our operations. In 2002, ZeroChaos made the commitment to reduce our paper consumption by 90% within one year; and we achieved that goal in seven months. We have continued to operate, and will do so in the future, without paper ever since largely aided by our online ZC Web processing platform. Not only are paper time and expenses and invoices eliminated, but also paper approvals, job requisitions and resumes, and employment documentation.

Time and expense system

ZeroChaos has always worked toward a paperless system with electronic time and expense management and invoicing, and will continue to do so. The ZC Web system, which is web native from inception, will continue to eliminate the need for paper time sheets, expense reports, and invoices.

Electronic storage

ZeroChaos also opts for the electronic storage of files and documents rather than hard copy storage. Our electronic onboarding process for both our internal W2 employees and our client supplier resources on average eliminates 7 documents that would have otherwise been printed, signed, faxed or mailed and stored. It has resulted in a 92% reduction of use of paper from on boarding our W2 employees. When you consider, the number of resources/employees that Zero Chaos on-boards both internally and on behalf of our clients, this is extremely impactful and significant.

In 2011 ZeroChaos processed 10,655 resources for our clients utilizing 31,774 electronic on boarding documents. During this period, 36% of all resources, both our W2 and supplier partner resources combined, utilized electronic enrollment documents. For 2012 our goal is to have 100% of our W2 employees utilize electronic enrollment documentation and increase our clients’ supplier partner use of this service.

Live check reduction

One additional area that we put significant effort was to minimize the number of live checks being printed. Compared to the industry aver of 70% direct deposit ZeroChaos has been highly successful in this effort.  Currently, 92% of our employees receive direct deposit and their pay statements electronically thereby eliminating weekly paper statements printing and envelopes for mailing. ZeroChaos will work toward increasing this to 100% adoption.  Most recently we are introducing “pay cards” as an additional paperless method of payment. We are currently working on rolling this option out across the US market and plan to expand it globally in 2013

Additionally we shifted the payment of the 4,000+ suppliers under our management to EFT, eliminating 100% of the checks being printed.

We also rolled out an online site where employees and vendors can download their pay stubs online. Our goal is to reach 100% use of an electronic form of payment to both our resources and supplier partners.

Physical Offices

Movement activated lighting system

The ZeroChaos office building is, and will continue to be, equipped with a movement-activated lighting system. When there is no movement in an office or work area for 10 minutes, the lighting shuts off automatically. Lights turn back on when detecting new movement in the area. This power savings is realized on a day-to-day basis.

Paper recycling

ZeroChaos implores the practice of paper recycling. While we are operating in a paperless-promoted environment, there are still instances where the business uses paper. Paper recycling bins are conveniently located throughout the office with signs posted as reminders to recycle. It is ZeroChaos goal to increase paper recycling to the greatest extent possible while still maintaining operational efficiencies.

Computer settings

Computers are, and will continue to be, set to enter a power save mode after a period of inactivity. Almost every computer and monitor made has power save functionality, but only a very small fraction of computer users know about it or use it. ZeroChaos enables power save on every users computer and monitor after 15 minutes. Given that all ZeroChaos computers and monitors have this capability, we are able to both save money as well as cut CO2 emissions.

Ceramic cups

ZeroChaos has always encouraged the use of ceramic coffee cups to eliminate Styrofoam and plastic, and will continue to do so. This fact is clear-cut: one reusable cup per employee per year along with associated cleaning liquid is far less expensive than providing that same employee two or three disposable cups per day. From an environmental perspective, the impact of this change is significant even on the smallest scale of one person. Complete lifecycle analysis shows that a reusable cup over its average life of 3,000 uses is responsible for 30 times less solid waste and 60 times less air pollution than any disposable alternative.

Encourage employees to bring lunch to work

When considering that millions of workers drive out at lunchtime every day, it becomes clear that massive amounts of CO2 emissions are being generated. For those who work in the office, ZeroChaos provides an eco-friendly dining area and encourages people to use it. Comfortable seating arrangements; refrigerators to store lunches; microwaves, toaster ovens, and equipment to prepare food; a dishwasher for clean-up; all contribute to a worker- and eco-friendly environment to spend a lunch hour.


ZeroChaos takes advantage of every opportunity to hold meetings in a virtual environment rather than requiring travel of participants, whether by conference call or webinar. We will continue to do so and thus save all costs associated with travel, such as fuel costs, and the effect of fuel emissions on the atmosphere.

Sales and Marketing Materials

Some studies show that the print collateral produced by marketing is often wasted in the field: 50% to 80% according to the American Marketing Association. ZeroChaos, in keeping with our web-native environment, develops sales and marketing materials in an electronic format as well as using electronic distribution to eliminate the need for print materials and the effect of their manufacture on the environment.


ZeroChaos employs a work-from-home policy contributing to emission/pollutant reduction. Billions of workers commute to their jobs every day. The ecological toll from greenhouse gas emissions alone is staggering. By offering telecommuting to autonomously productive workers with appropriate job responsibilities, we are reducing worker commutes. Telecommuting leads to a significant reduction in carbon emissions even when increased, home-based carbon emissions are taken into account.

Telecommuting reduces energy consumption associated with transportation to and from the office and, in some cases, a portion of the energy associated with commercial office space.

Employee Education

In addition to the in-office environmental policies, ZeroChaos encourages employees to conduct environmentally sound practices outside of the workplace. A key factor to promoting green-living outside the office is education. ZeroChaos provides employee education on Working and Living Green through a series of lunch-n-learn sessions. Our goal is to make this educational seminar a required part of current internal employees training as well as any new employees coming forward.

This educational seminar includes the following topics:

  •           ZeroChaos policy and practices
  •           Environmentally safe pest control
  •           Year-round energy saving tips
  •           Water management
  •           Food and health
  •           Eco-Friendly lifestyle choices

ZeroChaos commitment to our social responsibility and environmental policy and performance against annual goals will be evaluated annually by the Senior and Executive Leadership Teams.