Patricia "Trish" Braa

Trish Braa is an executive vice president of solution design and business solutions at ZeroChaos with over 20 years of operations experience. She develops and deploys strategic global workforce solutions that help customers achieve their corporate goals. Trish is an expert in operations management and change management with a focus on improving supply chain efficiency.

May 11, 2017
When you need a personal resource for anything from a financial advisor to a painter to an event planner, you likely reach out to family and friends for a... Read More »
April 27, 2017
Fifty years ago, it was easy to describe the workforce by what workers did and where and when they did it. Not everyone, of course, but most people toiled on farms, in factories, stores and offices. They harvested goods or manufactured goods or sold goods or tracked goods. They worked from... Read More »
December 8, 2015
Since the emergence of managed services programs (MSP) the governing theories regarding the place of suppliers in the supply chain ecosystem relative to the MSP and customer have evolved significantly. Today, world-class MSPs recognize strong and mutually... Read More »